Embrace the Chicken


A few months ago I was at Target looking for a new kitchen floor mat. I needed a new mat, but I didn’t have a lot of time to look around, so I had to decide between the mat at the store. There wasn’t a big selection. It came down to a mat with flowers on it or one with a chicken on it. Yes, a chicken. Obviously I went with the flowers, much to my kids’ disappointment. They thought the chicken was the better option. They were right – the flower one didn’t quite work – but I couldn’t convince myself we needed or wanted a rug with a chicken on it. Then, a few weeks later, we made a few changes to the kitchen and the flower mat no longer worked with the décor. A friend even said, “I think you need a new kitchen rug.” It was becoming more apparent that the chicken mat might actually work in our kitchen. In denial, I went to another store hoping for a better selection and once again found myself a mat with flowers on it. But these flowers matched better, so it made sense. I was content. Then, sadly, it fell apart within a month. I went back to Target. The chicken mat was waiting patiently for me, of course. It was beginning to feel like destiny. I grabbed it and bought it home. The kids cheered and said, “Mom, sometimes you have to embrace the chicken.”

Sure, we were talking about kitchen mats, but I felt there was a profound truth in their words. Embrace the chicken. Embrace what you think might not work, and yet, everything is pointing you in that direction. Embrace that less than ideal situation; it might actually make more sense than you think. Embrace the unexpected.

“Embrace the chicken” has become a sort of motto in our family now, when things aren’t turning out the way we thought or when we need to accept a little bit of craziness in our lives. It’s a great daily reminder…and a truth I can stand on.

Have you had a similar situation?

P.S. If you’d like your own chicken rug, you can find it here.



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