My Favorite Quick and Easy Recipes for Summertime Eating


Wintery comfort foods will always have a place in my heart (heart you, potato soup!) but the opposite is also true. Summertime food is equally wonderful. I love the bright bounty at the Farmer’s Market. I love the smell of BBQ. Give me all the berries. And, what in the world, my family can’t consume enough pasta salad!

As the temps rise, I want lighter dishes, preferably with some citrus, and often my meals look more like hearty snacks. On top of the heat, we’re probably rushing to or from the pool. So I’ve been keeping it simple and making foods that are easy to take on the go. I’m sharing my favorites below. I know I’m getting around to this late in the season but there’s still time to squeeze a few of these into your next meal plan!

Giada’s Lemon Spaghetti – This pasta is super easy to make and feels fancy. It tastes like summer. I like it warm or cold the next day.

Pioneer Woman’s Spicy Pasta Salad with Smoked Gouda – Hands down, best pasta salad ever. It’s also often requested from my most-pickiest eater. Grab it while you can because it doesn’t last long.

Picky Palate’s S’mores Stuffed Brownies – S’mores, check. Brownies, check. Delicious, check. I use Ghirardelli’s Dark Chocolate brownie mix and I’m certain it makes all the difference in the world.

Hummus and Feta Dip – Here’s an easy lunch option… Spread some hummus on a plate (any kind will do but I’m loving Trader Joe’s Three Layer Hummus), top with feta cheese, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle on some salt and pepper, and serve with pita chips and red peppers.

Vivian’s Tomato Pie – This is a new-to-me recipe. Earlier this summer, I watched Vivian make this on an episode of A Chef’s Life and I immediately made it my goal to try it for myself. I finally did and we LOVED it. I had to cut some corners on the recipe to save time (for example, I used store bought crust instead of homemade) but it still turned out delicious. It’s tasty warm or cold. I took it to the pool with me one evening and several moms stopped to ask me what I was eating. It looks and smells – and tastes – that good!

You can bet I’ll be savoring these last few weeks of summer and all the wonderful flavors that come along with it. We’ll all be cooking chili again before we know it!

Please share: what are you cooking this summer?!

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