What I’m Into Right Now


Oh, May! You’re such a crazy mixed bag of fun, exhaustion, looking back and looking ahead! Even the weather, hot one day and cold the next, seems to reflect the nature of May. I love the #Mayhem notes going around Facebook right now. It’s so true!

Since everyone has May brain, let’s do something fun. Let’s talk about what we’re into right now. Even in the chaos of the May, there are hints of the good things to come and the changing of the seasons. The weather is warming up and schedules are starting to relax. During this transitional time, I’m holding on to the things that are keeping me sane by bringing me daily joy. It really is the little things in life, right? Okay, here’s my list of happiness-boosters…

What I’m Watching…

I discovered A Chef’s Life on PBS when another blogger recommended it. The show follows two former NYC chefs, who are married with young twin daughters, as they move back home to a small farming town in North Carolina to open a restaurant. Their restaurant is different from the others in town and they’ve kept their NYC inspired menu. There’s a bit of an “education” that’s required for their guests who might not be accustomed to their menu pairings and selections, which is quite funny to watch. Each episode focuses on a specialty or seasonal item on the menu – oysters, tomatoes, grits, etc. Each episode also includes an interview or cooking demo with a local. It’s a feel-good show that always makes me smile. I never seem to catch it on TV so I watch it on the PBS app.

What I’m Listening To…

I’m walking more often because of the beautiful weather, which means more time to listen to podcasts! I’m hooked on Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History series. I started with the podcast titled, Generous Orthodoxy, which was so powerful and moving that I found myself sniffling and fighting back tears while I was listening to it. I also highly recommend Food Fight. Every podcast has offered a fascinating insight into some aspect of life or the world that I had no idea about. Added bonus: Gladwell’s voice is very calm, measured and soothing.

What I’m Wearing…

Last winter, my husband traveled to London for business and kindly brought me home a bottle of Jo Malone’s Jo Loves White Rose and Lemon Leaves perfume. It was such a fun treat and I loved the scent! The scents are unique, strong but not overpowering, and fresh. It quickly became a favorite go-to scent. I wasn’t sure where to find it in the States but then I saw that Sephora is now carrying the brand. I love all the scents but my favorite one to wear right now is Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey cologne. It’s definitely a splurge but so fun and worth it.

Warm weather means ponytail time! Thanks to the humidity, even when I curl my hair, it ends up in a ponytail. But I’m so bored with ponytails! Plus, I still want to look somewhat nice, even if I’m just sweating by the pool. Internet and YouTube tutorials to the rescue!  I’ve been watching and reading online hairdo tutorials and experimenting with other hairstyles. I was really excited when I figured out how to do a cute topknot. Right now I love the double ponytail because it is crazy easy and works with my slightly curly (i.e. frizzy) hair. I curl the top layer of my hair and then put it in the two ponytails, poof and spray with hairspray and you’re done.

That’s my list, now it’s your turn. What are you into right now? What are your happiness boosters? Please share in the comments!

4 thoughts on “What I’m Into Right Now

  1. What I’m watching…since we rid our home and bedget of cable television, I am watching Friensds on Netflix when I watch anything for pleasure.
    What I’m listening to…Spanish Lounge Guitar on Pandora! Puts me in the mood for summer and helps me unwind.
    What I’m wearing…since I am training a new puppy, I am back to “mom” clothes 24-7! Haha, you know those old tshirts and shorts or pajama pamts that you don’t mind getting dirty or ruined, I used to call it my “mom uniform” but now it’s my “puppy uniform”. I gave up “big girl” clothes for a bit as they aren’t conducive to floor play or nipping puppy comparable.
    Thanks for sharing on the mundane Monday


  2. I’m into roses these days. The new house has my dream rose garden started and I need to see the dream all the way through — without killing them in the meantime!
    I’m also trying to embrace a new non-materialistic, decluttered way of life. It is against my nature but it is time to truly make that transition ; things are taking too much of my time.


    • Roses, how lovely! I’m trying to do the same thing. Temporarily living with half my stuff in boxes has shown me what I actually NEED and what I want. The rest is going bye-bye.


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