My Latest Trader Joe’s Obsessions


Funny and true story: the other day I was at Trader Joe’s and a lady was grilling one of the employees about when the store would have a certain type of wine back in stock. The conversation went something like this:

Customer: “Are you absolutely sure you’ll have it back in stock soon? When?”

Employee: “Yes, yes, it’ll be back in a few days. I guarantee it.”

Customer: “Because I have two bottles at home and I was thinking about giving one to my in-laws tomorrow but there’s no way I’m going to do that unless I’m absolutely sure I’ll be able to get more.”

I had to giggle as I walked away because I can completely relate.* That’s exactly how I feel about Trader Joe’s chocolate covered almonds with sea salt. I MUST have two containers in the house at all times. My biggest fear is that they’ll stop selling them. Heaven help us all if they do.

The chocolate covered almonds with sea salt will always be my main love, but I’ve been noticing my hoarding tendencies have been spreading to other items in the store as well. I think it’s time to confess which items I’m obsessing about…

  1. Sweet and Spicy Jalapenos – I might not have tried these strangely delicious jalapenos on my own, but I knew I had to try them when I heard someone say they planned their meals around these jalapenos. They didn’t disappoint! I’ve put them on hot dogs, sandwiches, nachos, quesadillas and pizza. Seems like a must-have for summer cookouts.
  1. Mocha Joe-Joe’s – Just when I think I can’t love Trader Joe’s anymore, they go and introduce an entire line of coffee-flavored products. These cookies have the right amount of sweetness and the filling is heavenly.
  1. Coffee-Glazed Cashews – These are some super savory nuts but I really like them.
  1. Cocoa-Glazed Almonds – Oh my goodness, these nuts taste just like cocoa puffs! I pair them with #3 above for a snack that tackles my afternoon sweet tooth.
  1. Pico de Gallo Salsa – I prefer the hot version because I think it has more flavor and it’s not really that spicy, but no judgment here if you opt for the mild. My favorite thing right now is to pile this stuff on a quesadilla or on a salad.

Now it’s your turn: Please share your Trader Joe’s favorites, must-have items and/or obsessions with us in the comments!

*P.S. Sorry guys, I realized too late that I should have asked the name of the wine!


5 thoughts on “My Latest Trader Joe’s Obsessions

  1. Hahaha I would have loved overhearing that conversation too. She sounds like she’d be a fun friend! When I moved two years ago I had to give up trader Joe’s. There are absolutely none near me now. I miss the cookie butter most of all…


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