2017 in a Word


I’ve always liked the idea of having a word to represent your year, although I’ve never been able to do it successfully myself. This year, though, I didn’t choose a word. A word chose me. Whether I like it or not, my word for this year will be: change.

I’ve been sensing the ripples of it for a few months now. I could sense God preparing my heart starting last summer. But, in the final months of last year, we got to the center of it. The cannonball of change landed and smashed my “normally scheduled programing” into smithereens.

First, we’re hoping to move. For the first time in ten years, we’re only moving down the street instead of across the country. Still, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and a flurry of activity. The dust hasn’t completely settled yet.

Second, regardless of our physical address, I’m clearly realizing that this particular time of our life is changing too. For one thing, I have one tween and another close behind and I’m starting to see those (big, scary, exciting) shifts already. Independence and self-sufficiency are right around the corner. I’d be lying if I said I’m sad about it, as I love seeing them develop into their own neat person and (honestly) I’m ready to hand over some laundry duties to them, but I will say that it feels extremely bittersweet. There are some other big decisions and changes in store for our family that will take shape later this year.

I know there will be changes for this blog, as well, but I’m not sure what exactly. I know I want to be more thoughtful here, even if that means posting less often. Over the last six months, I’ve struggled with all the “noise” on the Internet and whether or not I wanted to add to it. I can’t give it up though, since I’ve made some sweet friends here. Plus, this blog is my place of sanity and therapy. So, thanks for being that outlet for me!

There have been some questions about the reading challenge. I decided against another year challenge because I think it dragged on too long for all of us. I’m thinking of doing a summer reading challenge instead. What do you think? Feel free give me some feedback in the comments. I can promise you one thing, my desire to discuss books won’t be changing anytime soon!

With all of this looming, I’m trying to stay present in the here and now and enjoy these fleeting moments. There are a lot of question marks and that feels a bit scary but I’m also trusting God to order our steps.

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

-Winston Churchill

I’d love to hear from you: Do you have a word to represent your new year? Can you sense some themes already?


3 thoughts on “2017 in a Word

  1. I love this! All of it. I love your word and how it found you. I also love that you are listening to YOU and deciding what is best for your own needs and heart. Sometimes I feel like I get too caught up in the “should” of life and ignore what I know my gut is telling me. Kudos to you for listening to that voice and making necessary adjustments. Love you guys and will be praying about all the transitions.



  2. Hi friend! Thanks for sharing your heart! You’re very insightful and thoughtful and I appreciate you so much. Please make sure to send us your new address! Maybe we’ll have to come visit again so we can picture where you are! 🙂 Just kidding! Two Shoemaker family visits in one year would be too much to handle! And impossible, but I can dream, can’t I!? 😀


  3. What a great word!!!! ❤ it!

    I'm glad you talked a little bit about your move here…I was going to ask!!! How are things going with that? Moving down the street will be nice in a lot of ways.

    Do what YOU need to do with this blog!!! I know I'm not the loyalest of readers or commenters…I miss the days of going through my list of blogs EVERYDAY and commenting on each one…But, I'm doing the same thing and doing what I can.


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