What I’ve Been Into (…and what’s been saving my life lately)


The month is halfway over and I realized this morning that I’ve only written one blog post this month. I even missed my favorite post of the month, my “book report.” For some odd reason, I’ve always found it slightly annoying when bloggers write about why they haven’t posted anything lately. Yet, today, I felt like I needed to check in and explain the reasons for the silence around here. First, we’ve been passing sickness around our house. From doctor’s appointments to checking on fevers to picking up used tissues around the house, the physical and emotional margin for writing disappears when I’m acting as caregiver. (It’s times like this that I have so much respect for bloggers who are able to post EVERY.SINGLE.DAY) Second, I had a big project last week and I needed to focus all my energy on it. Third, for the past few weeks I’ve felt like there has just been too much noise in the social media world and I sort of wanted to withdrawal from all of it, even the good stuff.

On Tuesday of this week, I was already completely exhausted and drained. Knowing I still had the rest of the week ahead of me made me want to cry. So, we went into emergency mode and declared “Friday on a Tuesday.” After the kids went to bed, my husband and I stayed up way too late eating snacks and watching TV (something we only generally do on Friday, because we’re old and trying to be responsible during the week). Even though we had less sleep that night, somehow we woke up feeling refreshed. I’m starting to believe that sometimes downtime is just as important as actual sleeping.

Anyway, I think I’m through the worst of it now. So, as a catch up, I thought we could just have a fun chat today and I’ll tell you a few things I’ve been into lately. I’m going to call these things my “therapy” time, or what’s been “saving” my life lately.


Downton Abbey – I’m so late to the game on this one (!) but I’ve finally discovered the wonderful world at Downton and I’m completely hooked. I haven’t been committed to a show in a long time so it feels really good to want to binge watch something again. Of course, I always drink tea when I watch it.


What Should I Read Next podcast – it’s been a special week at WSIRN, the entire week is devoted to young readers and young-at-heart readers and all sorts of fun stuff about children’s literature. My podcast worlds collide today when my other favorite podcaster, Gretchen Rubin, is on the show. So much fun!


“Girl Waits with Gun” and “Lady Cop Makes Trouble” by Amy Stewart – during this emotionally draining season, you have no idea how thankful I’ve been to dive into this delightful series.

What have you been into lately? Please share in the comments!

4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Into (…and what’s been saving my life lately)

  1. I too have only posted twice this month and THIS very post is what I wrote yesterday! 🙂

    I’m glad you’re coming out of the sickness and the chaos and I do hope that it stays that way.

    You’re JUST now watching DA?!?! Wow!!! What a great show it is. 🙂 What season are you on now? Who are your favorite characters? Least favorite?

    WSIRN saved the day for me this year! I used to listen to Books on the Nighstand, but that one came to an end. Have you listened to From the Front Porch yet?!? You will LOVE it. It is my absolute favorite podcast right now. I found out about it after its host (Annie from The Bookshelf bookstore in Thomasville, GA) was on WSIRN.

    I’ve never read any Stewart, but I had my own delightful series (Laura Childs’s Tea Shop Mystery series) to get me through the end of October, so I get that too!


    • I’m starting Season 3. I just love Mr. Carson! Cybil’s story line has been fun. I have mixed feelings about Matthew and Mary finally coming together and getting married. I want to like Mary but I’m struggling. It’s such a fun show though! I will start listening to From the Front Porch. I meant to look into it when I heard her on the WSIRN episode. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Same here on the posting front! I feel like I took a nice break and now it doesn’t feel like work anymore. I’ve missed my blogger friends! So so excited to find a new Downton Abbey fan! What season are you on?


    • Yes, sometimes a break is a good thing! I just started Season 3. Mary and Matthew are finally married. I’m getting hints that something is coming up soon with Edith and I’ve been loving the story line with Cybil. I absolutely adore Mr. Carson. I love the pride he has in his work and his tender heart. It’s a fun show!


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