Self-care September


I love September. It’s the start of my favorite season. I love the weather. I love new school supplies. In my family, we have two big birthday celebrations this month. Overall, it’s a happy month.

But it’s also one of those months that make me want to hide underneath my comforter because there is SO MUCH TO DO! Whenever I peek at the calendar, I feel my pulse quicken and my anxiety starts creeping in. I’m never, ever going to get it all done.

With this lingering in my mind, it’s really no surprise that I absolutely adored Holley Gerth’s wise words on self-care in her book, “You’re Already Amazing.” (Ignore the kind of cheesy title, it’s actually a very good book.) It was God’s perfect timing for me to read this book right now. She doesn’t just give the reader some cliché or touchy-feeling talk about finding time to take a bubble bath. Instead she gives the reader a guideline on how to evaluate your emotional withdrawals and deposits. The withdrawals are what take emotional energy and the deposits are what restore emotional energy. The withdrawals are not bad things, per se, but things that tend to exhaust us. Once you know your withdrawals and deposits, you can balance your emotional account.

Since self-care can be a weakness of mine, I spent some time considering how I make deposits into my emotional health. Some answers were not surprising, but some were. Most of them were simple things that I could easily incorporate into my daily life: taking walks, reading books, yoga, going some place new to explore, etc. I hadn’t completely realized how important the little details of my life were to my emotional health. It doesn’t have to be a beach vacation (although those are nice too!).

Once I had my list, I vowed to myself that I would incorporate these things into my already out-of-control month. Despite the many withdrawals, I want to finish this month in the black.

Are you good about practicing self-care? How do you make emotional deposits? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Self-care September

  1. I’ll have to add that title to my list! Sounds right up my alley.

    Some “daily” things I’ve found that are what you describe as deposits include: getting dressed for the day, taking a hot bath with Epsom salts, escaping to my bedroom rocker to read, and waking up before the kids to have my coffee in silence. I also try to plan at least one thing a month out of the house that I do just for me.

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  2. I have literally been hiding under my comforter in the morning. I SOOO need to read this and deposit into my self-care. I think as moms we put “us” last so much. I’m so busy during the fall that I always forget to actually enjoy the season as it is one of my favorite seasons.


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