July Reading Challenge Recap

2016 Reading Challenge

For this month’s reading challenge we had to read a book aloud or listen to an audiobook. Some of my favorite memories are of my family snuggled up in bed reading a book together. It’s so special. I’m new to the world of audiobooks but I’ve loved “reading” while I’m doing chores or driving kids to practice. It’s a busy month and I knew I probably wouldn’t have the time or energy to read something aloud to the kids, so I opted to listen to an audiobook with them in the car while driving around town. Here’s what we listened to….


The BFG by Roald Dahl

We listened to this book as an audiobook via Audible. We are huge Dahl fans and wanted to read the book before we watched the movie. BFG stands for “Big Friendly Giant” and the story is about a little girl who finds herself in a mysterious world filled with human “bean” eating giants (except for the BFG, of course). They set out on an adventure to stop these giants from snacking on any more humans. We loved it! The story was a perfect blend of fantasy and adventure, humor and fun, with a drop of sweetness. The narrator was excellent and truly brought the story to life for us.

We watched the movie after we finished the book and I’m happy to report the movie did an excellent job of telling the story. We don’t usually like the movies of books we’ve read but, in this case, we really liked it. I highly recommend both!

Your turn: What have you been reading or listening to for this month’s challenge?

2 thoughts on “July Reading Challenge Recap

  1. For this challenge we listened to The Cricket in Times Square. We all loved it! The narrator is great (it’s the guy from the tv show Monk) and the voices he does are spot on for the characters. We just started it again and I think we’re even enjoying it even more the second time through! I highly recommend it!

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  2. I listened to “The Nightingale” while driving back and forth to work. It was a fun challenge and I enjoyed the time in the car for a change.


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