June Reading Challenge: Read a book that everyone loves that you have no interest in reading

2016 Reading Challenge

Once upon a time, there was a really popular book-turned-movie series about a boy that makes bread and a girl with funny name. They have to compete to the death or trick the system. Weird. Strange. Not my lane, at all. Then people I love and respect kept recommending it. Finally I read it. And I LOVED it. The end.

Lesson learned: sometimes you’ve got to try books that you don’t want to read. Without sounding too deep and meaningful here, pushing ourselves to do things we don’t want to do is how we grow.

Actually, this has happened to me very often. I have no interest in reading a book, for whatever reason, but someone recommends it or picks it for book club. I grudgingly read it and end up loving it. Besides The Hunger Games, it’s been true of Water for Elephants, Seabiscuit, and more recently, Steel Will.

I know we’ve all been there. Someone has recommended a book (or maybe even bought it for you!) and you don’t want to read it. There’s a new series sweeping the nation and you have no interest in it. Or maybe a friend has been harping that you need to read such-and-such book but you haven’t gotten to it yet.

This is your month! (and mine!)

For this challenge, I debated between the Harry Potter series (Yes, I know, I really need to read those books!), the Outlander series (can I just watch the TV show instead?) and Cinder (but it sounds so creepy!). Ultimately, I decided on another book. It popped out at me while I was browsing at the bookstore and I thought to myself, “Why does everyone love this book so much? I don’t get it.” Then I knew I needed it for this challenge.

My Pick:


The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein

I have never, ever seen Amazon reviews this stellar before: 79% of 7,000 reviewers have given this book a 5-star rating. What?! It’s craziness! I don’t really know very much about this book, other than it’s told through the eyes of a dog. I have a feeling there will be tears. Despite my hesitation, I’m diving in. 7,000 people can’t be wrong….(right?!)

If you need some ideas, this list might help.

Your Turn: Is there a popular series that you have no interest in reading? Which book are you going to (somewhat unwillingly) read this month?





6 thoughts on “June Reading Challenge: Read a book that everyone loves that you have no interest in reading

  1. I haven’t given this one much thought, but I am now leaning towards Outlander and Cinder… hmm… might have to visit my library this afternoon 🙂


    • Haha! I’ve heard SO MANY GOOD THINGS about both of them, especially Cinder. I will probably give in at some point and read it. I can’t wait to hear which one you pick and what you think!

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  2. So I have a few things happening that fit or nearly fit this category. Yesterday I finished “In the Garden of Beasts” by Erik Larson. It’s about the American ambassador to Germany during Hitler’s rise to power. A lot of people were talking about this book and this author in general. I enjoy history and had a mild interest in the book, but it didn’t seem to be tugging at me like it should have. I enjoyed it though and recommend reading it.

    This month I’m also going to read “Son of Hamas.” A friend recommended it to me, but it never seemed like a good time to get to it. This month’s challenge is a good excuse to jump it to the front of the list.

    I’m also going to be reading the “Maze Runner” series. It should be right up my dystopian future ally, but for some reason I have absolutely no desire to read it. I saw part of one movie and didn’t particularly enjoy it. It’s really popular though so I’m going to give it a chance.

    I look forward to reporting back at the end of the month.

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  3. The Art of Racing in the Rain is a great choice (honestly I’d say better than Cinder or Outlander). While I enjoyed both of those books and raced through them, they were more fluff than substance.

    This is such a tough category for me, since I’ve recently picked up a few “popular” books that I haven’t enjoyed. I might go with The Girl On the Train…

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    • Yes, this is a hard category. I have a feeling you might be disappointed with The Girl on the Train, also. Thanks for the encouragement about The Art of Racing in the Rain. It’s still sitting on my reading pile untouched. I guess there’s a reason this is called a “challenge” – haha!


  4. I picked up Outlander. We shall see how it goes. I had thought about the Game of Thrones series as well. Since my brother has them all and will send them with my parents in August, I’ll wait to read them. 🙂 Outlander it is…

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