March Reading Challenge Recap: Read a Goodreads “Best Books of 2015” Winner

2016 Reading Challenge

Roll call time!

For this month’s reading challenge we read a book from the Goodreads “Best Books of 2015” list. Let’s discuss what we read…

My Pick: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I’m going to compare reading this book to eating a bag of Doritos. Sure, it went down easy but it didn’t leave me feeling exactly satisfied. Here’s the positive: it was a page-turner that I breezed quickly through. Here’s the negative: I basically disliked or hated all the characters and was extremely frustrated with their decisions throughout the book. Also, I felt like the ending was a bit of a letdown. It wrapped up too easily or maybe I wanted a bigger reveal.

Having said that, everyone seemed to love this book. So maybe there’s something wrong with me? I can say this book did teach me an important lesson about my own reading life: I have to be able to relate to the characters and like them just enough to care about them, otherwise, I can’t quite plug into the story.

I’m also realizing something important about writing and creating a story. It feels like cheating to write a story about totally dysfunctional people, that do whatever the plot needs them to do. I’m finding the great writers don’t take short cuts with their characters. Instead they create characters that are real – flawed people, but that have some redeeming qualities. It’s rare in life to completely hate someone. Usually there are only aspects of someone’s personality that are frustrating.

But, I digress…

I’m not surprised that I didn’t like this book. In general, mysteries are a hard category for me to enjoy. I think it’s because I prefer more of the psychology behind the story, rather than the who-dun-it aspect of a mystery. It seems most mysteries focus on the who-dun-it rather than build up the why behind it. But I’ll keep trying! (And if you have any recommendations, please tell me in the comments!)

Your turn: What did you read and what did you think of it?




4 thoughts on “March Reading Challenge Recap: Read a Goodreads “Best Books of 2015” Winner

  1. Thanks for posting an honest review of this book. I keep going back and forth on whether to read it, but I think I’d have the same reaction. I just can’t enjoy a book when I hate the characters.

    I couldn’t get enough of the book I picked – The Nightingale! It was a quick but deep read full of tough situations and decisions. I bawled at the ending which was embarrassing proof that I came to love the characters. Highly recommend.

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  2. I am reading “The Taming of the Queen” and so far loving it. It’s been another busy month but oh well! I’m enjoying the reading! I wish I knew someone who was into history who could tell me how close this story is to what really went on. I love learning and history, so I’m really enjoying this one 🙂


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