March Reading Challenge: Read a Goodreads “Best Books of 2015” Winner

2016 Reading Challenge

Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.

–Henry David Thoreau

Time for the March reading challenge!

This month we’ll be reading a book from the Goodreads “Best Book of 2015” list. These books were voted on this list by actual readers and, because of it, I trust these books will be good. Plus, after memoirs and classics, I thought it’d be fun to read a current bestseller.

If you’re not familiar with Goodreads, it’s an online community where people can list what books they’re reading, write reviews and rate books with a star-rating system (similar to Amazon). I think of it as Facebook for readers. I almost always check the reviews and ratings on Goodreads before I decide to read a book. Last year, the Goodreads community voted the “Best Books of 2015” through a series of voting rounds. You can see the winners, the runner-ups, and how many votes each book received.

I’m recommending we choose from the winners list, but since there are some really great books on the runner-up list, I won’t be mad if you choose a runner-up instead.

My Pick: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This book, as far as votes are concerned, blew the competition out of the water! Even beating out a book by the Master of Suspense, Stephen King. It’s been on the top of several “Best of 2015” lists. In all honesty, despite the rave reviews, this isn’t a book I would choose on my own. The premise sounds depressing. And I don’t generally like mysteries or thrillers. But, oddly enough, my book club randomly picked this book for this month’s book – again without knowing of this challenge! – and so the decision was made for me.

Fingers crossed: I’m also hoping to read  The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. I love historical fiction and this book has amazing reviews (five stars on Amazon!). I’ve also heard it makes you cry and – I’ve got to admit – I love a book that gives me a good cry.

Thanks for doing this challenge with me! It’s been so much fun!

If you’re on Goodreads, connect with me here.

Your Turn: What book are you going to read this month?



6 thoughts on “March Reading Challenge: Read a Goodreads “Best Books of 2015” Winner

  1. Hi… I can’t believe it’s March already! I am loving these challenges! I don’t remember when I have ever read so much! It’s been great!
    This month (after I finish Wild) I will be reading “The Taming of the Queen” by Philippa Gregory. I’ve been eyeing this one for a while so when I saw it on the list I was all over it 🙂 Happy Reading!


  2. I’m not crazy about a few of the winners this year, so I’m going to hope I can get my hands on either The Nightingale or Red Queen in time to read them during March. I’ve been waiting for The Nightingale at the library forever!


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