5 Books for Winter Reading

5 Books for Winter Reading

Although there still isn’t any snow on the ground, the freezing temps have proven that winter has officially arrived. That means it’s officially time for winter reading! I know everyone usually talks about summer reading, but I think the best reading happens in the wintertime. There is something so satisfying about a good book and warm cup of tea on a dreary, but cozy, winter day. I feel myself wanting a darker and more mysterious story to go along with the darker and dreary weather. Bonus points if the book is set during the winter, too. I think the following books are perfect for winter reading.


The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls – This book is perfect for a snow day because you won’t want to stop reading until you’re finished. This is a memoir (hint, hint for next month’s reading challenge!) about the author’s childhood and tells of the instability and downright insanity she dealt with and how she overcame it all. The most amazing thing is that the author tells her story without any sense of anger, bitterness or complaint. She’s simply telling her story – and what an amazing story it is!


Peace Like A River by Leif Enger – The recommendation I received for this book was “forget the premise and just start reading it.” I think that’s excellent advice because nothing about this story really appealed to me. But, I can tell you that the story will draw you in. It is crafty and somewhat lyrical story telling. After a series of incidents, the family in this book picks up and sets off to find their oldest son, in a race against the police who are also in search of their son. Between the story and the setting – it’s set in the Dakotas in the dead of winter – this story will bring a chill to your spine. This book is not without flaws and, like all journeys, can be a bit slow at times, but it’s definitely a trip worth going on.


Handle With Care by Jodi PicoultOf the Picoult books I’ve read, this one is my favorite. It’s typical Picoult – characters that you both love and hate, controversial topic, frustrating moments – but it works for this book. It’s a page-turner, you’ll fly right through it, so it’s another book that’s great to read on a snow day.


Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte – I didn’t know much about this book when I picked it for January’s Reading Challenge (read a classic you never read) but I had a hunch that it would be perfect winter reading. I was right. This gothic, romance story has a bit of a mystery to it that keeps the readers intrigued. I don’t want to say too much because I’m only halfway through it, but it definitely qualifies as good winter reading material and it’s not too late to join the Reading Challenge for this month!


Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell – I’m shocked that I’m including this book on my list – it’s a very gritty and disturbing story – but it immediately comes to mind when I think of winter reading. It’s in the name! The main character, Ree, sets out to prove her father is dead in order to save her family’s house and forest. She’s pit against several gruesome people and has to play by their rules. It reminded me of a tribal society, but surprisingly in modern times and in the Ozarks of the United States. I recommend this book with reservation, there are many difficult scenes and themes, but it is a story about strength, resiliency and love.


Do you have a favorite type of book to read during the winter? What would you recommend for winter reading?

Need more reading ideas? I’m linking up with the amazing community at Modern Mrs. Darcy to discuss books we’re reading.

Happy Reading and Stay Warm!




9 thoughts on “5 Books for Winter Reading

  1. I loved The Glass Castle too when I read it! Such a fascinating, hard to even fathom story!!

    I need to add Peace Like a River to my list — I’ve heard it recommended many, many times!

    Have a great weekend! 🙂


  2. I can’t wait to poke around your blog some more!!! I really do read by the seasons and my reading takes shape because of the season. Almost everytime a book goes on my reading list, I automatically categorize by the season it should be read in without even giving it a secind thought. That said, I’m reading Jane Eyre right now for the first time (along with a growing number of people, which is awesome and so surprising all at the same time) and LOVE it. It IS the perfect winter read. 🙂

    Let’s chat about it a bit! What chapter are you on? Have you ever watched a movie version of it?


  3. I picked up Winter’s Bone on a whim at a library book sale, but have yet to start it. This makes me want to give it a shot this winter. Plus, I’m eager to watch the movie afterwards!


  4. Thanks so much for sharing! I love winter reading more than summer as well…there’s something about the cold and blankets and books. I’m doing a blog post about this next week and was planning to include “Jane Eyre” too! It’s my favorite book and makes it into most of my reading lists. 😉 Warmly, Lori from The Novel Endeavor


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