New Year’s Eve Family Fun

My family will use any excuse to celebrate. New Year’s Eve is no exception. Last year I let my daughter handle the party details and she planned out several fun activities for our family (I suspect a few of her ideas were from her American Girl magazine). I was a little bit hesitant at first but I ended up really enjoying her activities. We’re planning to do the same thing this year. I thought I’d share, in case you’re looking for something fun and easy to do with your kids.

New Year’s Eve Hats – We made New Year’s Eve “crowns” to wear when we rang in the New Year. The crazier, the better!


Create an “Inspired” Poster for the New Year – Cut out pictures and words from magazines to represent your hopes and plans for 2016. Last year, somewhat surprisingly, my entire family got in on this craft and we ended up making some really neat posters (that are still hanging up in our rooms!). I tapped into my inner junior high school-er to create my poster and loved every minute of it.

Encourage everyone to take a few minutes to reflect and plan for 2016. As long as I can remember, I’ve encouraged my family to write down resolutions. I think it’s a good habit and important to think about what you want to achieve or change in the upcoming year. You’d be surprise by the cute and insightful things children will come up with! Plus, it’s meaningful and sometimes hilarious to read our resolutions from the past year. It’s neat to see what we’ve been able to accomplish and interesting to discuss what we didn’t do and how our paths changed over the course of the year. For instance, my daughter was dead-set on taking tap dance lessons this year, which we had planned to start in September, but that was before we knew she’d fall in love with swimming and pursue swimming instead. We use this document, which is cute and easy for all ages to fill out (parents can help littler ones), and it takes us about 10 minutes total. Then I hang them in our office/homeschool room to remind us to take the necessary steps throughout the year to accomplish our goals.

Food! Of course, every good party needs to have delicious snacks, right?! I consider New Year’s Eve as the last stop on the holiday food binge-fest, so I choose to really live it up. This year we’ll be having an assortment of finger foods and appetizers for dinner. Most of them we’ll buy from the Trader Joe’s freezer section, but I’m also planning to make Pioneer Woman’s Jalapeno Thingies. I watched a food show where she was making these and my mouth was watering the entire segment. Also, for some reason, I’ve started making Pecan Pie on New Year’s Eve. I know Pecan Pie is supposed to be on Thanksgiving but I prefer to eat it later in the season when it’s usually colder out. It feels festive and makes the house smell incredible. I use Trisha Yearwood’s Pecan Pie recipe – it’s the best!

Happy 2016!

What fun traditions do you like to do with your family on New Year’s Eve?


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