Book and Tea Pairings that are Perfect for Fall Reading

I didn’t realize until recently how much the weather and seasons affect what types of books I want to read. As the weather cools, I find myself wanting to read books that are more melancholy or that have a bit of a mystery to them.

This is also the time of the year when I start drinking my tea again. During the cool weather months, I drink tea at least once a day. Sometimes more, depending on how cold it is outside. I’ve always loved tea but it has become crucial to me during the winter months.

I thought it’d be fun to pair the two things. Just like a wine suggestion on a restaurant menu, I’m suggesting teas that pair well with my favorite fall-ish stories.


The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton – I read this book several years ago, so I don’t remember the specifics as well as I should, but I can honestly say that this book “stuck” with me for several weeks after I finished it and I still think of it often. The book has a somewhat melancholy feeling, but also has an intriguing mystery that makes it a page-turner. It’s an epic story that travels around the globe and spans several generations. It’s a perfect story to read curled up next to a fire. Since it had a somewhat dark and dreary setting and storyline, I think this book would pair well with a strong and bold Earl Grey tea.

Pairs well with: Tea Forte Earl Grey


Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford – I love historical fiction and I think this book does an excellent job of merging the past with the present. The story is set mostly during WWII, but also weaves in modern day, and deals with a topic that isn’t talked about much in WWII books: the Japanese internment camps. I learned a lot about that part of history by reading this story. It’s a love story that will leave you cheering and crying at the same time. The main character is very sweet and the story will pull at your heartstrings. This book takes place in Seattle and you can almost feel the rainy dampness seep through the story. You’ll need a sweet tea to go with this story.

Pairs well with: Trader Joe’s Matcha Green Tea Latte


Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani – I just finished reading this book and I loved every minute of it. It has a bit of a mystery and some melancholy moments, but mostly it’s a fun and sweet story with a hint of romance. Since the main character is a bit “spicy” – she’s Italian and very independent – and since it takes place in the picturesque setting of Big Stone Gap, Virginia, I think a sweet and spicy tea is the perfect drink to sip while reading this story.

Pairs well with: Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Tea

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Book and Tea Pairings that are Perfect for Fall Reading

  1. Love this list.

    I am thrilled to see AT on your list. I know you’ll love everything she writes. The Shoemaker’s Wife is probably my all time favorite.

    As for tea, I recently picked up a box of Clipper, Organic Indian Chai from Fresh Market. Es muy Bueno!


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