My Fall-inspired Meal Plan


It’s happening! The leaves are turning colors. The air is feeling crisp. There are pumpkin displays everywhere. People are posting pictures with their pumpkin spice lattes. There’s an entire wall at Trader Joe’s dedicated to pumpkin flavored food. I think it’s safe to say, FALL is here! And I couldn’t be more thrilled.


I love fall for so many reasons but one of the biggest reasons is the food. I’ve been known to “take a break” from cooking in the summertime (my excuse: it’s too hot to run the oven) but as soon as the weather cools I’m ready to dive back into my cookbooks and start cooking!

There are a few recipes that I must make in the fall. It’s doesn’t feel like fall until I’ve made them. Of course, there are so many pumpkin-inspired recipes and I’m always trying new recipes, but I keep coming back to these favorites. They’ve practically become a tradition in my house.


Pioneer Woman’s Maple-Pecan Scones – These are the best scones that I’ve ever tasted. If you like scones, you’ll love these. If you think scones are dried-up rocks, you’ll love these. This recipe is a little bit of work but don’t be discouraged. They are so delicious! You can find the recipe in The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook, which I strongly urge you to buy if you don’t already own. It’s filled with easy and mega-delicious recipes. Sure, you can find most of the recipes online but the cookbook is filled with her additional advice, comments (most of them are hilarious) and beautiful food photography (if you love to look at food pictures, like I do).


Kraft’s Butternut Squash Soup – I’ve seen some complicated butternut squash soup recipes. No thanks. I like this recipe because it’s simple and easy. No fancy ingredients or steps. And using my immersion blender makes it even easier. The hardest part is cutting up the butternut squash, which I usually make my husband do anyway. Serve with fancy Parmesan cheese and warm bread.


Real Simple’s Maple Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potatoes – You will feel like a gourmet cook when you make this recipe but I promise you that it’s incredibly easy to make. I started making this recipe back when I was a floundering cook and even then I couldn’t ruin it.

Rachael Ray’s Pasta with Pumpkin and Sausage – I tried several pumpkin pasta recipes but I think this one comes out the best. The sauce is not too heavy but still has a lot of flavor. As Rach says: Delish!


Real Simple’s Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese FrostingAdmit it, I had you at Cream Cheese Frosting. These cupcakes are perfect for gatherings, school parties, work festivities or any other time you’re able to share a treat.

Happy Cooking!

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