Five food you must stop buying at the store and start making at home…

Of course, everything – from brownies to bread – tastes better when it’s made from scratch, but it’s not always possible thanks to busy schedules and limited time to get dinner on the table. I get it. Today, though, I want to discuss five foods that are super easy to make at home and they taste SO MUCH BETTER when they’re homemade. I cross my heart, these following items are almost as easy to make as they are to buy…


Two years ago we bought a popcorn maker because we decided we were going to stop taking years off of our lives by eating microwave popcorn. We weren’t sure how to make popcorn and thought we’d better go with the popcorn machine. This is what marketing and years of microwave popcorn has done to us. Oh my goodness!! Do not believe that for a minute! People, we don’t need a machine to make popcorn! Thankfully, we quickly realized how easy it was to pop popcorn ON THE STOVE and returned the popcorn machine before we opened the box.

To season, we usually just pour melted butter and add tons of salt. It’s so good! If you want to mix it up, here are two popcorn recipes we love:

Hot Cocoa Popcorn

Birthday Cake Batter Popcorn

Whipped Cream

Please, I’m begging you, stop buying that disgusting stuff that comes in a blue tub!

My Cooking Bible (i.e. My Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook) has a whipped cream recipe that’s super easy to remember (Think: 1 – 2 – ½)

1 cup of heavy whipping cream

2 tablespoons sugar

½ teaspoon vanilla

Whip with a mixer until soft peaks form. Did I scare you with “until soft peaks form”…do not worry, my friend, I’ve been there. Click over to this (slightly and oddly sultry) tutorial to ease your worries.

I never use cold bowls or mixers. But I have used too much cream, not enough sugar, regular sugar, powdered sugar, too much vanilla, etc. It still turns out delicious. As long as you have some combination of the three ingredients above, it will turn out fine.

And, not to blow your mind or anything, but you can also make flavored whipped cream by adding cinnamon/cocoa powder/lemon peel/etc. instead of vanilla. You’re welcome.


I hate biscuits that come in cans. They scare me.

Thankfully my husband found this recipe to make homemade biscuits and he swears it takes minutes to make them. All I can vouch for is that they are delicious.


This is a relative new discovery for me. I decided to grow up this weekend and made my first pot roast EVER. It was great but the thing that surprised me the most was how easy it was to make the gravy. Again, I consulted my “Cooking Bible,” and here’s the recipe for homemade gravy:

Juices from your pot roast and water, if needed, to equal 1 ½ cups

½ cup of cold water

¼ cup of flour

Mix cold water and flour in pan. Add juice and simmer until thickened.

It was so easy. The only hard part was dealing with the feelings of regret and shame over all the canned gravy I’ve bought throughout the years.

Homemade Cream Soup base

I found this recipe for cream soup out of necessity. I had forgotten to buy cream of chicken soup at the store and needed it for my recipe that night. I’ve never gone back.

You can use it in casserole dishes or in the crockpot. When I make it for the crockpot, I sub the milk for chicken broth and only add a small dash of milk (or none at all). I’ve heard that milk can get yucky (technical term) if you leave it in the crockpot too long.

Have I convinced you?! Experiment and let me know how it goes!

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