Best Blogs on the Block

I thought it’d be fun to pay tribute today to the blogs that have inspired me over the years. These are the blogs that I almost always take the time to read. Just like my personality, they range from serious to silly.

A Holy Experience – The intro to this blog states: “Come on in! It’s quiet in here. Come rest a bit.” Isn’t that lovely? And Ann Voskamp – author of this blog and the best-selling book, One Thousand Gifts – genuinely lives up to her claim. Her blog is filled with notes of kindness, grace and inspiration. I especially like her “Multivitamin” post on Saturdays, where she includes several links to inspiring and happy stories. It’s the perfect antidote to the never-ending sad stories on the news. Her blog post about homeschooling gave me serious food-for-thought when I was considering homeschooling for our family. I can honestly say, reading this blog has changed my heart and attitude in many ways.

Modern Mrs. Darcy – I love, love, love this blog! This blog is chock-full of reading ideas and my to-read list has grown exponentially because of her posts and recommendations. And, most important, her recommendations are right-on about 99% of the time. Her Summer Reading Guide is a must! She posts about life, parenting and homeschooling also, but it’s the books that keep me coming back.

Gretchen Rubin – Gretchen Rubin is the author of The Happiness Project, Happier at Home and Better than Before. She has done a lot of research on habits and happiness, and as a result, she has tons of advice to offer. You only need about 5 minutes on her blog to start feeling inspired.

Sally Clarkson – Sally Clarkson’s blog has shaped me as a parent. She offers so much Godly advice and encouragement on parenting and navigating life. It seemed so many times she spoke (well, wrote) the exact words I needed to hear to lift me up and help me go on. I like to grab a cup of tea (Sally would approve) and let the posts minister to my soul.

Sidewalk Ready (a.k.a. That’s Your Gold) – this blog has a lot of fashion tips, ideas and tutorials, as well as, some heartfelt soul-searching posts.

Things We Heart – this blog is written by the wives of the bass and guitar players for No Doubt. They seem like super cool, but also super down-to-earth, mamas that offer their tips and advice on all things from makeup, fashion, navigating music festivals with kids, books, etc. They are married to half of No Doubt – how could they not be rad?

The next three blogs get their own section…they are especially dear to my heart because they’re written by good friends of mine. If iron sharpens iron, then these ladies keep me from being a butter knife.

The Story of Our Lives – Military spouses can head on over to this blog for a mega-dose of encouragement and wisdom.

Life In The Fishbowl – A cute blog about the life of a pastor’s wife. Andrea has been my go-to for Mommy advice for many years and now she shares her insights with everyone on her blog.

This is Our Gypsy Camp – This blog is filled with honesty, wit and beautiful photography.

That’s my line-up. What blogs inspire you? What blogs do you follow?

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